I am running as a Constitutional Conservative for Virginia State Senate. I should be one on one with the 

  Democrat until the Republican Party realized I met the requirements to be on the ballot as an INDEPENDENT

  then they SELECTED a pro-gun control Republican they know cannot win to help the Democrat, sort of like

  what they are doing for President.


  Let me know if you can volunteer if you live in or near Virginia's 1st Senate District or can DONATE. I need

  support from other Constitutional Conservatives to win this election, and since I am NOT running as a

  Republican I have a chance to win the seat. Join this group


  or tell me in the thread below you want to help. With 3,000 Facebook friends  and if just 10% of you

  contribute just $100, I would have $30,000 which is more than I would need, as I have more name recognition
  in the 1st SD than Democrat Monte Mason. I am running a real grassroots campaign, I do not need a lot of

  money, but I need some financial resources.  The Republican that ran against him for delegate last year is

  already preparing to run for his delegate seat expecting him to win the Senate Seat.  I believe the Republicans

  and Democrats struck a deal to give the Democrats the Senate Seat in exchange for giving his Republican

  challenger last year a shot at picking up the seat.  This is the TWO-HEADED MONSTER of a ONE PARTY

  System masquerading as a two party system.